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Tent Camping

   Tent Camping

Tent Camping at the Pony Express RV Park and Campgrounds is really good, or so we’ve been told. One spot, Down Under, in the Whip-poor–will tent area, is a particular favorite of our fishing enthusiasts as it lies just west of the South Pond.

We also have tent sites in the Playground area and remote tent sites in our horse camping areas, specifically our H-1 through H-4 spots in and around Robinson’s Glen (see Maps, specifically the hiking and horseback riding one.)

And there’s Cozy Corner, everyone's favorite, at the bottom of Middle Meadow, a beautiful spot, the destination for happy repeat tenters, true aficionados of the sport.

We provide picnic tables and fire rings for all recognized tent camping areas. For the most part, consider all the sites “primitive,” but we can make a few RV spots available for tenters who prefer a few amenities like water and electricity - plus some really nice bathrooms not too far away!

We have two cute if not occasionally aromatically challenged outhouses that skirt the tent camper areas, The Loo and The Phread, named after the owners’ parents, the true enthusiasts.

Harvesting the downed sticks and limbs for firewood from surrounding wood perimeters is encouraged, as is following simple, common-sense rules about fires (see Info > Camper Guidelines).

If you camp with us - you may reap (harvest) the benefits of the great outdoors, from wild raspberries, blackberries and mulberries to morel mushrooms and more. Meanwhile, ticks and mosquitoes harvest you! So prepare and proceed logically, and most importantly, have fun!

Down Under tent site below the South Pond (in Whip-poor-will Woods)


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