Pony Express RV Park

4469 S Hwy 33 - Maysville, MO 64469 - 816.449.2039


Trail to horses


Helpful Hiking Hints

Wear sturdy shoes         

Spray for bugs

Wear long pants

Follow paths to access remote hiking areas, and note that as they get steeper, the lawnmower paths get fewer, so proceed with caution!

Watch out for wildlife including deer, turkey, fox, red squirrel, rabbits, snakes, every bird imaginable, and that guy in D-7!

Our grounds are completely enclosed with fencing, so if you get lost, keep that in mind.

Please not: Pretty Plank Bridge, aka Bridal Bridge, IS NO MORE. Torrential rains took it out! Back away from the bridge or prepare to get wet!

We now have the Tenter’s Turnpike that traverses across Middle Meadow to Robinson’ s Glen - there may be a toll before it’s all said and done!

Pony Plank Bridge on the map is now BSA Bridge and it has rope sides. Cross it at H-4 into Susie’s favorite place “The New Area” - It’s our Cub Scout Day Camp dangerous activity area!

The P2P Pass Thru is a creek, we found out, during rainy seasons… proceed with caution, but it’s worth it, accessing The Pony Area with The Przewalski Area so conveniently as it does…

                                       And if anyone can figure out why the two different hiking areas are named as they are you get a prize

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