Pony Express RV Park

4469 S Hwy 33 - Maysville, MO 64469 - 816.449.2039


                                                                   The Big Building

     The Parkhouse is what the office, little store, and recreation room along with its adjoining laundry and restroom facilities is supposed to be called… “Ranch” denotes deductions we can only wish for.

     The Office at the E end of the building is where everyone needs to go to check in.  This is also where you’ll buy your ice, pop, fishing worms, etc. and possibly meet Judy, our hostess with the most class.  She is incredible, no, you can’t have her. Glen, her husband and partner in hosting, also grief counselor and music director for the park, would not have it, she is the definition of the word indispensable!

     But come to the office to register and meet her.

     The little store that includes our registration area is a hodge-podge of mostly unnecessary items including candy, pop, and ice cream, but you can also find sun screen, pool toys, bug spray, shampoo, etc. There’s a little carpeted play area for kiddies and a television for TV junkies, also books to take and exchange.

     The Recreation room adjacent the office has a pool table, juke box, player piano, and kitchen facilities. It can be air-conditioned or heated and is the perfect gathering spot for camper club pot lucks, as long as outside paying guests aren’t renting the room for a graduation or high school reunion party (see Info: Park room rental). 

     The Parkroom (rec. room) is often the Friday night site of Glen’s Pony Express Country Opry,  a venue designed for our park guests as well as visitors and walk-ons from the surrounding towns. Polish up your dancing shoes and/or your vocals and come on down!

     Next, traveling W under the Parkhouse roofline find our little Laundry facility consisting of one washer, one dryer and a tub sink. Though modest, I know it saved at least one relationship, a motorcycle couple tent camping in a rain storm… it’s nice to have if you need it.



     Last but not least on the Parkhouse tour, at the W end of the building are our restrooms and showers. You’ll find them infinitely better and cleaner then any facility’s you’ve ever camped at before! Enough said, except we never run out of hot water and the water pressure is great.


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