Pony Express RV Park

4469 S Hwy 33 - Maysville, MO 64469 - 816.449.2039


North Pond



north pond  pond

South Pond

Ponds and Fishing

There are two fishing ponds that define the look of our establishment. We’ll call them the North and South Ponds for obvious reasons, (see: Maps > satellite). The driveway into the park, off of Hwy 33, travels between the two ponds and winds it’s way up to the  Parkhouse. 

If you want to access and enjoy our ponds, check in with us at the office, even if you’re just taking pictures. Park along the rode, just inside, a little on the grass. 

Do not drive to the ponds! For the less then able-bodied, we are glad to assist and improvise, but ask first please.

And please, DO NOT LITTER!

Fishing is free for our guests spending the night. No license required, because the park is private. We ask that you abide by the MO State Park rules and regulations re: catch and release, numbers and size, etc. (see Links).

We are continually amazed by the fishing enthusiasts, particularly the kids, who, pardon the expression, get hooked on fishing here!  Fish seem to naturally want to jump on the amateur, jiggly lines of our first time fisherpeople.


Swimming and sunbathing are encouraged! Promenade Pier is a sturdy structure that juts out into the North Pond where those laying out in swimsuits get priority over the clumsy booted fishermen.

There’s also a little shaded shed in front of a slopping graveled swimming area. Swim at your own risk. I’ll admit that Allowishes the Alligator is fictitious, but confirmed reports of huge fish and the occasional snake and muskrat are a fact of pond ecosystems.


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