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The Zoo Animals

 Llamas, goats, sheep and miniature cows - oh, my!

First of all, your pets are welcome at the Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds as long as they are leashed and well mannered. Keeping them restrained is keeping them safe (see: Info > Camper Guidelines).




We have 3 llamas, Llily and her 'cria' (baby born to a llama) Lleroy and Llaffeatte. The first two are brown and white and I think are considered appaloosas because of their brown spots. Llaffeatte is our black and visually challenged llama.  He's also the only llama we have who will let you pet him as long as treats are involved.

The llamas, as well as being interesting creatures to watch and enjoy (and yes, occasionally spat on by), are utilized in herd management as protectors. They may not be able to distinguish between a Yorkie Terrier and a red fox for instance, the latter of which we’ve found 'taken care of' within the petting zoo enclosures a time or two.

Come to see them but leave your leashed doggies at the camper. Get sweet feed in the office to entice them to nibble out of your hands... and then go wash them!

                                              Ivy feeding Llily


                                            Ivy feeding Sasha                   



We have 2 Boer/LaMancha cross does (female goats). They've never been bred mainly because I would have real difficulty sending babies away to anything but a 'good' home, and how do you qualify that with goats?! Anyway, here are their baby pictures. Jeff bottle fed Gertrude and Gretta was my bottle baby.









                                                 Hair Sheep

We have a herd of hair sheep, specifically Texas Dall/Barbado/Mouflon crossbreeds. They are gentle, curious, and comfortably cautious. The baby lambs are precious.

These breeds are changing the traditional attitudes people have about stupid, difficult to keep sheep. They are easy keepers with no wool to be gathered, as hair sheep shed their ‘wool’ negating the need for sheering, and they are phenomenal brush clearers.

Some of our babies have gone to sheep dog trainers, 4-H projects, and if marketing for meat is your bag, these cross breeds almost always twin and rebreed faster then their more domesticated sisters.

                    Handsome male sheep going for a 4-H project with Valerie



                                            Miniature Cattle

Where to begin? We love our cows! At the park presently you’ll find Dude and Dolly. Dude happens to be my favorite Dexter bull in all the world! I sit on his back and have grandiose plans of riding him in parades or at least leading him with a golf cart through throngs of applauding fans! (maybe too grandious?)

                                              Susie on Dude






Occasional visitors to the park are our Miniature Zebu Bulls, Zach and Zeke, docile souls, though I haven’t taken to riding them... yet!

Zach, the brown one, could be Dandy's Dad. We might call him"Zandy" - we'll let you know!


                                 Zach and Zeke our Miniature Zebus


Some of our 2010 babies

2010 baby














baby 2

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