Pony Express RV Park

4469 S Hwy 33 - Maysville, MO 64469 - 816.449.2039


Starlit StageNew Starlit Stage

Our outdoor amphitheater and stage is located NW of the Park Room, below Judy’s home (see Maps > satellite).


The covered stage keeps musicians, actors, show contestants, and all others out of the elements, and the sloping grounds are kept mowed and trimmed - bring a lawn chair!

It is private, shady, and perfect for any number of events, from rock concerts, country music shows, and big family reunions to church revivals and day camp lunch gatherers. 

For more information on leasing Starlit Stage for your own skits, plays, talent shows, band performances, movies, etc., visit the Info > Starlit Stage leasing section of this site. 

It also serves as a great central location for big groups, as the Cub Scout Day Camp leaders found out.




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