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2013 Pony Express update 

April 8, 2013


Hi y'all, hope the winter treated you nice.  Sorry for the criminal lack of website updating. I'll just admit to being lazy and lackadaisical and sometimes too busy, also being lack-of-web capable.


Nevertheless, we've been having some bang-up years! Business is good and so are our campers. More and more interest on finding just the perfect spot to spend the entire camping season with us at The Pony Express...go figure! The periphery of our RV village has transformed into some gardening magazine layout, with enough solar lighting to be visible from the local geostationary satellite.

I just made that up, but the lawns, patios, and bird feeders, not to mention the porches and picnic table decks, are all very impressive and appreciated. Besides growing grass and flowers, our summer regulars also mow and weed-eat around their sites, which is amazing, like all our people are.


The park is beautiful and ready to go.  The grass is starting to green up, though the trees have yet to bud much, still silhouettes, stationary sentinels, heralding, without a note, the coming of spring.


Today, on a walk through the back trails I left a dated  "walkin' the dog" note in our geocache site. Someone was there last month: "Snowing and cold, GREAT SITE!"  So that's cool.


Judy, our hostess with the most class, continues to reign supreme as park resident and host.  We consider her God's gift to all and especially feel fortunate that she likes us and stays with us, season after season.  THIS IS OUR 10TH SEASON! With gracious good cheer she continues to keep young and old alike happy, preoccupied, and in their place! 


We continue to get accolades about the cleanness of our bathrooms, thanks to Judy.  Our remodeled kitchen generates happy camp club cooks, and seriously, that's important! The kitchen tidiness is also thanks to our intrepid Judy.


The grounds have never looked better or included so much reclaimed territory for golf cart trails.  We have another camper friend to thank for that. He likes to leisurely mow with our John Deere all summer. You go Charlie!  


My mowing whirligigs started turning as I walked seldom-used trails today, pushing logs out of the way, considering how one particular golf cart full of caterwauling females would navigate the steepness.  Last season a couple of them got tossed out on a trail in the back, trying to golf cart party late into the deep dark without lights. No one was hurt except they laughed so hard. Our laundry room is also appreciated and kept clean (by Judy) for camping capers gone awash.


Did I mention golf carting has been VERY BIG at the park these past few years?  Everyone brings a golf cart to tool  around on. On the big holidays we hold decorated golf cart parades complete with candy thrown for the parade goers (campers without golf carts) and prizes for the participants.  Money is conserved to augment the prize pot by throwing our traditional last season's big hard unwrapped stale old gumballs! Luckily, they're so popular and unhealthy that we've yet to worry about mowing over them. That could be wicked.


The petting zoo animals are about the same: older, and in some cases just as creepy and lovable, like our black llama, Llaffeatte with his white, blind, bulgy eye. He’s a favorite, and certainly memorable.  Our miniature cattle endeavor is paying off, not literally with money of course, just through our enjoyment of the process, the darling calves and the slow miniaturization of our herd. Watching the pageantry of herd dynamics is a particularly pleasing way to pass a winter’s day. We plan to move a cute pair of bovines to the park for our patron's pleasure this season, the llamas too, and our black Friesian Fabio, the horse -- he loves it at the park.


So come on down, the secret's out.  We continue to offer the best deal around in a family friendly fun for all environment. 



Susie, Jeff & Judy 



2010 Pony Express update 

May 21, 2010


Greetings from Susie, Jeff and Judy at The Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds in Maysville, MO.


We’re well into the mowing of our 7th glorious camping season this 2010.  That’s not to say we’ve been inundated with campers.  The weather, un-global warmingly, has proved unseasonably cool and wet this spring.  Not the friendliest camping conditions, but great for grass and/or hay as the case may be.  Still, you’ve never seen such a pretty, green park.  You need to visit us soon.


We’re fully booked for the Memorial Weekend Extravaganza, but there’s always room for tent campers.  The Boy Scout area is mowed as are the trails in the back.  Bring your golf carts to ride them - everyone else does.  We’ll have more golf cart parades this year, as that was lots fun last year!


Our roads are good to go, what with all the free gravel the wind farm guy, Tom, gave us and the hard work Doug and his miracle road maker dad and their equipment have done. The path going past Kara Crossing into Robinson’s Glen and the riding and Boy Scout areas is now “Tent Turnpike”!  We have new drainage tubes and water diversion areas.  The ditches are shored up and roads and sites smoothed out and ready for you.


Our new 2009 50 amp electric throughout the RV camping area performed well last year.  It was last 4th of July when our new electric had it’s first big test and our worst fear was realized with the dreaded complaint, “our electric keeps shutting off”!  The local electric company came to put larger capacitors in that day and had us up and running with happy campers after only a few hours down time.


Amazing, and generating lots of compliments as well as ample electric for your camping pleasures!


What else?  Jeff and I got married so there’s that!  We’re still happy as if we had good sense.  Judy is looking for just the perfect compliment to her impeccable self, nine toes in the grave with money falling out of his pockets… just kidding Judy!


The animals are all healthy and huge.  No sheep babies this year, I just can’t part with them with good conscience so the regulars including our 6 hair sheep girls and  two old maid goats, Gertrude and Gretta are anxiously waiting for handouts.  Llaffeatte the black llama is waiting to spit on you if you look him in his eye, remember he only has the one and gets to feeling threatened easily!  I’ve got miniature cattle for sale, they’re sooo cute, and good eatin’ too!


So come and visit us.  Call first for directions around the bridge work, looks like Hwy 33 N will still be blocked off with the detour around to Hwy J and Hwy O in effect past Memorial Weekend.



Take care and have fun,

Susie, Judy and Jeff at the Pony Express


A great camping deal!

We will be continuing the best camping bargain around through 2009:

Our “Stay 2 nights get the 3rd night free” policy. 

(For big holidays we ask that you pay for 3 nights to get the 4th night free.)

It’s been a big draw - so good that we’re convinced the MO State parks started offering the same discount after we initiated the program. 

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