Pony Express RV Park

4469 S Hwy 33 - Maysville, MO 64469 - 816.449.2039

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The Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds
A Welcome Destination!


2016 Rates:

Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds


*Rates are for a maximum of 4 campers per unit (RV and Tent)

For each additional camper add $2/person

We are still offering the RV special “Stay two nights and get the 3rd consecutive night free”. On holidays we ask you stay 3 nights to get the 4th night free.

Fishing and Trail access is free for all our paying customers.

For all campers, Tent and RV, it is expected that you only occupy the parameters of your lot and keep your area neat and tidy.

Be respectful of your neighbors


                                    Thank you & Happy Camping!

                              Judy, Jeff, & Susie at your service


RV Camping*: $30/Night (Full hook-ups with 50 amp service throughout)

Add-a-Tent*: (Along with your RV rate & Please ask first) $15/Tent/Night

Tent Camping*:(Primitive)$20/Tent/Night~$15/Extra tent on same site

No special $ discounts applicable for primitive tent camping.

Tent on RV Site*: $30/Tent and $15/each additional tent on same site

By Personnel Permission Only, the “stay 3 nights for 2 and 4 nights for 3 on

holidays” is applicable.

30 Day Pony Pass: $200/Month (Includes $50/month site lease & 5 paid plus 2 free nights to be used within the specified 30 days) All contract campers are expected to keep the interior grounds of their RV Sites trim and picked up. We also ask that you keep your “site-scaping” within the obvious boundaries of your spot and with “temporary” in mind. 

Park Room and/or Starlit Stage Leasing: $250/Event/6 hours

For special circumstances, after checking with management, additional hours may be added for $25/hr. A cleaning deposit of $50 will also be required at booking which will be returned to you past confirmation that the leased area is restored to it’s original, clean condition.  No alcohol on premises if underage children are involved in your festivities.

Fishing: $5/Noncamper, 5 fish maximum, catch & release encouraged

Wood: $6/Stack, ask and pay in office

Horse Camping: $20/Night and $5/Horse (Neg. Coggin proof required)

Golf carts are welcome, make sure to park them on your sites and stick to the roads and mowed trails… thank you.  


About Us

The Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds is becoming a "Staycation" spot for local relaxation seekers.

In these early days of $4/gallon gas, cross country travelers, once they’ve found us, treasure our central location and calming, safe haven appeal.

We are also recognized as an ideal camping club spot with shaded pull-thrus and spacious grounds for spreading out.

When weather doesn’t cooperate, our air conditioned "Park Room" is perfect for groups of all sizes.

We can accommodate big, unique groups, from 300+ Cub Scouts at day camp to 150 motorcyclists rallying and raising a little bit of cane around "Starlit Stage" and down in "Party Pasture."

Visit goats, llamas and more at our on-site zoo.

Our clean restrooms and awesome showers are legendary.


The Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds is located in Northwest Missouri, just south of Maysville, MO.


Coming from the Kansas City area: Pony Express is approximately 60 miles north of Kansas city:

  • Take 1-35 N to Cameron, MO (Exit 54)
  • Turn west/left on Hwy 36 - approximately 6 miles
  • Turn north/righton Hwy 33 - another 6 miles
  • Entrance to Pony Express RV Park will be on your left/west


Camper Guidelines:  

  • Our desire is to provide and maintain a beautiful safe haven for camping enthusiasts amidst woods, creeks, and green expanses.  The elimination of stress (both yours and ours) in a relaxed outdoor environment is our goal. 
  • Creating an atmosphere suitable for the gathering of friends and family, assisting your transition into a holiday mood and enhancing your quality time is also our consideration.   
  • Offering quick and courteous solutions to your needs will be facilitated by camper participation.  If you notice that special attention is needed in the bathrooms or outdoor privies please let the staff know.    
  • Please advise us of threatening tree branches, malfunctioning systems, questionable animal behavior, bad weather brewing, etc.    
  • We ask that you read our guidelines, heed the less then extraordinary recommendations, gather your friends and family together and have fun! We honor various discounts but initiated the right to refuse.
  • Stay 2 nights get the 3rd night free! you can’t beat it!
  • Check in the office upon arrival.  This includes individual members of camper clubs, not just their leaders anymore. 
  • No specific check in or check our times have been initiated yet… don’t abuse it.
  • Onsite Camp Hosts, Judy and Glen reside behind the Parkhouse.  For after hour concerns, contact them via the intercom system at the office door.
  • For Medical Emergencies Dial 911!
  • Reservations though not required are recommended especially for the holiday weekends.
  • Camp Clubs Please provide us with a confirmed number of sites at least one week prior to your expected stay.
  • No driving or parking on the lawns.  We spend literally hundreds of hours mowing and grooming the grounds to create this park-like haven.
  • Do not drive to the ponds.  We will show you the way to your camping spots and advise you where you may park.  Please keep to designated paths and thoroughfares when crossing the pastures too.
  • The speed limit is 15 mph or less.  There are lots of children running and playing… slow down!
  • Quiet time is between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am.  Occasionally management will extend the hours for functions at the stage or in the Parkroom.  Please demonstrate courtesy, respect, and restraint towards your fellow campers.
  • No 4-wheelers on the roads or off, golf carts, bicycles and baby carriages are welcome.
  • Motorcyclists check first where you may ride and camp.  We welcome motorcycle clubs but must insist on adherence to what may be new rules to you.  Please check in at the office upon arrival.
  • Litter bugs may be asked to leave... it’s a serious offense in Susie’s book.  The dumpster is located across from the playground, use it please.
  • Picnic tables and burn rings are available for all sites.  Burn your burnables but please dispose of plastic, cans and glass containers in the dumpster.  We have no problem with your picking up sticks from surrounding woods to burn and we sell firewood for $6 a stack.
  • Fires are not to be left unattended! 
  • Be careful and be aware of poisonous plants, ticks, thorns, etc. in the woods and surrounding grounds.
  • Fishing is fun and free for our overnight guests, catch and release is encouraged.  A limit of 5 fish per day per site will ensure a catch or two for all anglers throughout the season.  Please double bag your fish debris and put in the   dumpster.
  • Absolutely no fire arms, bows, spear fishing or any other form of hunting is permitted on the premises.
  • Pets are welcome if kept under control at all times.  Disruptive barking or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. You may potty your pets in “The Dog Run” found on the other side of Whip-poor-will Woods.
  • Children are welcome if kept under control, monitored frequently, and picked up after.  Children under 12 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult around the water, in the office and Parkroom, and when venturing forth into the woods.
  • Accidents cannot be undone!  We have 100 fenced acres of mostly natural, wooded, hilly terrain.  Creeks crisscross the property, meadows with hidden ponds are connected by twisting and sometimes confusing trails.
  • Keep track of your kids! We are not babysitters!
  • Do not tease our zoo animals.  We have a rather temperamental black, one eyed llama named Llaffeatte, a.k.a. Loogie who may spit if he feels threatened.  All the animals love sweet feed so come to the office for handouts and information on the animals.
  • Positively no dogs in or around the zoo enclosures!  Llamas are used as herd protectors and will attack and kill stray dogs, coyotes, fox, etc. that threaten their charges.
  • No admittance to the zoo enclosures unless invited and accompanied by park management.
  • The Park Room with kitchen facilities, pool table, juke box, and player piano is available to all our guests depending on outside reservations. 
  • Remember First Reserved is First Served, so let us know ahead of time what your group requires to facilitate better planning and usage. Please ask for assistance and get change in the office.
  • Nature Happens!  Please do not expect refunds for inclement weather.
  • The Disaster Plan is located in the office.  For weather emergencies the W side of the Maysville courthouse will be open to the public. We will try to alert you via golf cart and bull horn but keep your radios on.
  • We are a privately owned RV Park and reserve the right to make final assignments on all sites.  Any person or persons willfully perpetrating vicious, unruly, obnoxious, and/or negligent behavior resulting in injuries or destruction of property will be asked by staff and/or assisted by the Dekalb County Sheriffs Dept. to depart our grounds.  Please do not exhibit embarrassingly ill-mannered behavior, drunken, drugged, or otherwise within our boundaries or you may be asked to leave as well.
  • And finally The Pony Express RV Park & Campgrounds relinquishes all rights to the risks taken by campers, their guests, family members and visitors alike, nor can we assume responsibility for property loss, damage, or injuries incurred…. 

That said, have a wonderful time!

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